E-Commerce Lockfeet sees an increase of 40% in organic research traffic

Lockfeet's presence in the e-commerce space has grown exponentially, with an impressive 40% surge of organic search traffic attributed to our targeted local marketing strategy.

Quick overview

Fast Facts

Retail Footwear
UK & France
Google Ads & Social Ads
Google Analytics & Bi Integrations
Company overview


Lockfeet is leading the market with its range of safe, comfortable shoes – now a staple across industries in the UK and France.

To build on this success, BigDreams teamed up to help them take off even further, increasing local brand awareness while reducing advertising costs for optimal profitability.

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BigDreams tapped into the power of local marketing to unlock growth potential in their e-commerce business, with results that surpassed expectations. By intelligently geo-targeting campaigns and capturing hyperlocal attention, they were able to increase engagement much higher than any global effort previously.

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What was the problem?

The Challenge

Lockfeet faced the tough challenge of vying for success in a highly competitive market. Despite their efforts to increase sales through paid advertising, Lockfeet struggled to break even due to rising costs and was unsure how best they could stand out against major retailers such as Amazon.

With an eye on boosting ROI from marketing strategies while growing customer retention, they sought new approaches to promote organic growth and ensure profitable gains over time.

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Challenge 1

Advertising cost

Lockfeet faced a difficult battle to achieve profitability with sky-high costs for advertising, coupled with distribution costs that put their goal of success further out of reach.

Challenge 2

Fierce Competition

Online retail giants such as Amazon have created a challenging environment for the footwear company, driving competitive prices and a strong online presence.

Challenge 3

Limited organic growth

Due to the large presence of international retailers on Google, Lockfeet was unable to capitalize and stand out in search engine rankings - leaving their organic growth potential unrealized.

What did we do

The Approach

To successfully grow the Lockfeet brand, our team decided that initially focusing on a Local Marketing Model targeting location-based terms would be an optimal approach. This strategy allowed us to establish a more substantial local presence across multiple markets, thus laying the foundations for future growth.

As part of the strategy for Lockfeet, we also wanted to improve the clarity and efficiency of their advertising, and we worked diligently to give them a data analytics advantage.

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How we helped

The Solution

By strategically launching three innovative acquisition sections within six months, we have established an impressive growth model that delivers growth with rapid profitability.

SEO & Local SEO

We implemented a local-oriented approach with SEO and content strategies to get the most out of Lockfeet’s potential customers. This included crafting articles featuring keywords related to city types, such as “Best working shoes in Paris” or specific verticals, like “Where to buy shoes for builders in London”.


Our data-driven approach to profitability was cemented by our analytics dashboards, highlighting essential break-even levels and pinpointing the most productive campaigns.

Hyper-Local Advertising

Our strategy was truly focused on our local audience, with each persona we identified getting tailored content. We used paid ads to generate leads and boost brand recognition, creating an efficient way of boosting Lockfeet's presence in the area.

The Results

The Results

Lockfeet experienced great results thanks to our local data-driven campaigns.

Their presence was evident in major cities

Within just four months, their presence was evident in major cities due to a 5% organic traffic increase that rose up to 40%, combined with more retained customers and two additional units of shoes sold per visitor. As an added bonus, Lockfeet saw even stronger conversion rates as the brand continued its growth through BigDreams’ support.

Powered by local marketing

Lockfeet leveraged the power of local marketing to unlock its potential in a previously untapped market. By keeping their campaigns focused on relevant areas, Lockfeet was able to make an impact and translate that into success with higher conversion rates than when engaging globally.

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