Valessio Hair Salons is on a path of dynamic expansion offered by localized marketing.

Valessio's remarkable growth from a single boutique salon to becoming one of Paris's most acclaimed hairdressers. Expanding to all districts and voted the best hairdresser for two consecutive years.

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Company overview


Valessio’s stunning growth has seen them transform from a single salon to one of Paris’s most highly-regarded hair salons. Fuelled by BigDreams’ comprehensive Local Growth Marketing Model, Valessio has expanded into eight locations across two cities since starting their ambitious journey six years ago – seven in Paris and one Cannes branch.

This incredible success story is now worth celebrating, with countless new customers flocking to join loyal clients who appreciate the brand’s quality services.

BigDreams Hairdresser Case Study
What was the problem?

The Challenge

Valessio sought to expand its client base to fill up the salon. However, they were uncertain as to how to approach this problem. After working with several different marketing agencies though eventually found that traditional strategies came at too high a cost and lacked returns on investment.

BigDreams was selected to develop a long-term plan with the goal of expanding the customer base for hair salons. Performance-based monthly fee made BigDreams an ideal partner, as they are committed to delivering successful results.

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Challenge 1

Marketing Spend

Valessio was understandably hesitant to invest in marketing, considering they had never benefited from it before.

Challenge 2


With the prominence of hairdressers and directory listings on Google, competition for high rankings can be fierce.

Challenge 3

Limited online presence

Working with Valessio, we embarked on a marketing endeavour from the ground up - no website and few available resources to draw upon.

What did we do

The Approach

Our strategy involved implementing our Local Marketing Model, focusing on the local market to get more clients through Valessio’s doors at a local level. We set a 12-month plan which included the website design, and CRM booking integrations to the entire marketing strategy and management.

For the growth and acquisition growth, we’d experiment with tactics and a small scale by focusing on one location; once we established and tested a successful strategy, we would expand the local marketing model to other locations in Paris.

The local-focused solutions we put into action included a solid focus on Local SEO, launching social media platforms, initiating an online and offline digital strategy, and enhancing engagement rates to enhance client acquisition and retention.

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How we helped

The Solution

Within the short span of six months, our strategic marketing efforts have resulted in an incredibly successful growth model that not only drives revenue but offers vibrant profitability.

Valessio Digital marketing

Built a strong presence by leveraging every digital channel

Our strategic, data-driven marketing campaign allowed us to tap into the local Parisian market of the 9th district. We knew precisely which target audience we were aiming for and used various techniques such as SEO & Local SEO, Google Ads and Social Ads to expand our reach.

Additionally, review sites and email campaigns helped spread awareness further afield, while analytics provided insights that enabled even more growth opportunities throughout new locations in France.


Built & Optimised Valessio Website

Valessio sought to create a web presence that represented them online; with our help, they did just that. We developed and optimized the site using WordPress, helping improve their local search rankings while spotlighting their fantastic work. Furthermore, we launched an engaging magazine blog covering trending hair topics – allowing Valessio to reach audiences far beyond its own locality!

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Our effective social media marketing strategy

Our effective social media marketing strategy provided training to the team, fuelling them with creative ideas to generate engaging content. With Instagram campaigns and cultivating a loyal network of ambassadors, we boosted their online presence – making each campaign a success.

The Results

The Results

Our journey with Valessio has led them to become one of the fastest-growing salons in Paris. They have rapidly expanded and opened new salons in just 24 months.

With the brand backed by a sophisticated omnichannel marketing strategy backed up with proven results, Valessio is now in an excellent position to dominate the hair salon industry.

The brand’s online traffic has grown by an avg. of 200% YOY for the past three years. BigDreams Local Marketing Model has paid impressive dividends, with an avg.  20% YOY increase in revenue per hair salon.

Some of the results from these strategies included:

  • Building the Valessio magazine with over 15K visitors per month.
  • Drive over 10K monthly SEO visitors through location-based searches (ie: Hairdresser in Paris)
  • Setup an automated re-engage email and text with a return rate of 30%
  • Grew Instagram followers from 0 to 10k in 2 years
  • Generated over +10K online positive reviews
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Results in Numbers


Revenue increase year after year per salon


Avg. Cost per Customer Acquired


Increase website visitors every year


Retation rate per customer
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