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Build a Hybrid Retail
Shopper Sales Funnel.

Unlock the ideal shopping experience for your customers with a custom mix of channels – tailor-made to their needs and preferences.

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Hybrid shopping combines physical and digital experiences for maximum impact.

Hybrid shopping combines physical and digital experiences for maximum impact. With BigDreams’ Hybrid Shopping Marketing, leverage all marketing tools and in-store solutions for immersive and engaging shopping experiences. Connect with shoppers like never before to drive sales growth with our expert strategies.

  • Fuse physical and digital experiences
  • Maximize in-store solutions and tools
  • Connect with shoppers for increased sales
  • Expert strategies for maximum impact
  • Immersive shopping journey
What They’re Saying

I'm wondering why I never contacted these guys sooner! Seriously, they all have commendable talent in their respective fields and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Jack GrahamCo Founder, Coffee Inc

Working with BigDreams has been a game-changer for our business. Our hybrid shopping marketing strategy has seen a 25% increase in sales and customer engagement

Sarah JohnsonCEO of Johnson's Furniture

We recently tapped the expertise of BigDreams to supercharge our e-commerce offerings. This collaboration has resulted in an automated system that doubles sales while dramatically increasing customer retention rates - a winning combination!

Mike D.Retail Store Owner

BigDreams has exceeded our expectations. Our e-commerce platform has seen a 50% increase in conversions, and our customer experience has improved greatly. We highly recommend BigDreams.

Jenna BrownCMO of Brown's Clothing

70% of shoppers expect retailers to offer hybrid shopping options that blend digital and physical experiences.


Hybrid solutions to drive innovation and convenience

We specialize in crafting personalized hybrid strategies that balance your business goals with customers’ expectations.

Our online and offline marketing expertise creates a seamless shopping journey that boosts customer engagement and adds value to your physical store with digital elements.

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Improve physical and online purchases

People want to order products online and come to pick them up in stores. We contribute to streamlining the whole process.

Build convenient shopping options

Convenience is critical in retail. We define your touchpoints and remove friction. This can be options such as BOPIS (buy online, pickup in-store).

Technology integration

From implementing analytics tracking, software and technology integrations to help generate information and merge data to understand your online and offline performance.

Shoppers Experience

We perform research, operational analysis and feedback to enhance your in-store experience to create powerful human interaction.

Geographic Searches

Boost your rankings in geographic searches to get noticed by the customers nearest to you.


Building an immersive experience

Maximize your sales potential with our expert omni-channel and phygital solutions, delivering a seamless and impactful digital experience aligned with your business goals.

Brick & Mortar Marketing

Drive traffic to your store with digital marketing and offline/offsite promotion strategies.

Omni-channel Experience

Seamless and cohesive customer experience across all channels.

QR Code & NFC Marketing

Transfer information to customers through QR codes and NFC to grow mobile engagement.

In-Store Event Promotion

Boost store visits with in-store events and online/offline promotion.

Loyalty Campaigns

Encourage repeat buyers with incentives through loyalty campaigns.

Store Experience

Create a specialized store environment by designing with the customer experience in mind.

Online to Offline Attribution

Gain insights into online ad success with online to offline attribution.

Click & Collect

Allow customers to place online orders and pick up in-person with click and collect campaigns.

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Offer both the convenience of online and the tangible benefits available in-store.

In a hybrid marketing approach, brands can give customers the best of both worlds by combining physical and digital touchpoints. Our strategy integrates in-store and online experiences.

We can help you by:

  • Provide customers with an optimal shopping experience
  • Offer the convenience of online research and in-store benefits
  • Enable customers to research, see, feel, and test products
  • Deliver immediate in-store purchase and pick-up options

Seamless Hybrid Solutions for Local Businessess

  • Custom hybrid solutions for local businesses
  • Seamlessly integrate physical and digital experiences
  • Tailored to meet your unique needs
  • Delight your customers with an enhanced shopping journey
  • Expert guidance to unleash your business’s full potential
Digital Models

Questions & Answers

What is an example of Hybrid Shopper Marketing?

Hybrid shoppers can blend online and in-store shopping experiences to their advantage. For example, finding that perfect red jumper during a store visit may prompt them to find an even better version later – such as selecting it in green directly from an online retailer while knowing precisely what size they need.

The journey from discovery through delivery is becoming a seamless experience involving online research, mobile stores and in-person visits all integrated into one unified path for ultimate convenience.

What is the value of Hybrid Marketing?

Despite the surge in digital shopping, going to physical stores for purchases is still a dominant activity.

According to Forrester’s market research predictions, retail sales made through brick-and-mortar locations will make up 72% of all transactions in 2024 – an impressive figure that indicates shoppers’ loyalty and affinity towards these experiences! Moreover, hybrid models are likely to become increasingly popular as consumers seek convenience and variety during their buying journey.

Customers are embracing a hybrid approach to shopping, blending the convenience of digital experiences with the personal service and sensory satisfaction they get from in-store retail. By combining both channels, retailers can provide customers with optimal buying journeys tailored to their preferences.

What does Hybrid Marketing mean?

Hybrid marketing is a powerful tool which combines the best of both worlds: traditional and digital methods. This tactic enables businesses to leverage the reach, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of online promotion while still tapping into proven offline strategies. By implementing such a multifaceted approach, companies can maximize their visibility within target markets in an increasingly competitive landscape.

How does hybrid marketing help local businesses?

Hybrid marketing offers a powerful way for local businesses to boost their visibility and reach potential customers. By combining traditional offline tactics with innovative digital strategies, companies can unlock new market opportunities and drive sales growth.


Growth-Powered Services for Businesses with a Local Presence.

We are a hybrid agency ready to provide guidance, training, and operational support.

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