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Optimising your
Shoppers Buying Journey.

Unlock the Power of Customer Understanding – Get Insights into their Buying Journey and Drive Successful Sale

Shopper journey experience
Shopper Lifecycle loop

Delight and Engage Shoppers with Optimized Journeys.

We optimise your shoppers’ journeys to enhance satisfaction and drive sales success. Our data-driven approach allows us to map out the customer experience, identify areas for improvement, and create a seamless hybrid experience across all channels.

  • Data-driven analysis of customer journeys
  • Identify  opportunities for improvement
  • Seamless shopping experiences across all channels
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased sales success and revenue
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“With BigDreams' Customer Journey Optimisation, we've uncovered and resolved a variety of challenges in our business - providing us with invaluable support along the way.”

Margot .MInhouse Store

76% of customers expect companies to understand their expectations


Optimizing Your Shopper Journey for Maximum Impact

We take a comprehensive approach to analyzing your shopper journey, ensuring that each channel is optimized with the right technology and messaging to influence your customers’ purchase decisions.

  • Analyze each channel of the shopper journey
  • Implement appropriate technology and messaging
  • Optimize the shopping experience
  • Improve conversions and sales
  • Increase customer retention and brand loyalty
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Step 1

Awareness Phase

Your future customers are out there, looking for the perfect solution to their challenges. With a quick search online and an impactful local listing, you could be just what they need.

Step 2

Consideration Phase

Assist clients in crafting a compelling online reputation to influence potential customers’ decision-making process.

Step 3

Decision & Purchase Phase

Enhance presence and build an attractive representation of your business and services to convert prospects into customers.

Step 4

Retention Phase

We’ll support and cultivate customer loyalty through personalized email marketing, discounts, and digital feedback techniques.

Step 5

Advocacy Phase

We’ll build a positive customer experience and cultivated loyal brand advocates to spread awareness and positive reviews.


Optimizing customer journeys.

By strategically combining the essential elements of customer journeys, success is achievable. Leveraging technology solutions helps to unlock a world of possibilities and provides unbeatable resources for project excellence.

How we can help you:

  • Digital data and audience analysis
  • Customer data reports
  • Retail & customer analytics
  • Engagement & retention campaigns
  • Measurement, insights and Reports
Shopper data
Customer purchase

Elevating the shopping experience to new heights.

Unlock exceptional customer experiences with our 5-step approach. Emphasizing top-notch service and loyalty-building, we guarantee customer advocacy beyond the sale.

How we can help you:

  • Optimise your local search experience
  • Provide sentiment analysis on customer service
  • Seamless shopping experience with operations review.
  • Improve customer retention and re-engagement
  • Simplify customers’ ability to leave feedback

Questions & Answers

How to deliver a great shopping experience?

To deliver a top-notch shopping experience, focus on these three steps: 1) research local customer preferences, 2) foster strong relationships through genuine appreciation, and 3) aim for excellence by leveraging necessary tools and solutions to exceed expectations, leaving a lasting impression on both current and prospective shoppers.

What are the benefits of a great local customer experience?

A great customer experience can be the difference between success and failure for a local business. Investing in delivering excellent service has many rewards, from increased sales to loyal customers that spread good word-of-mouth about your brand. A superior local customer experience is essential to any thriving organization!

How can I make my business stand out with its local customer experience?

Providing an outstanding local customer experience is essential to gain a competitive edge. Ensure your staff members have expert product and service knowledge to answer customers’ queries confidently.

Demonstrate true commitment by going above and beyond expectations whenever possible – compelling loyalty that naturally leads to positive word-of-mouth promotion in the community. Harnessing every chance for effective marketing will pave the way towards long-term success through satisfied customers.


Growth-Powered Services for Businesses with a Local Presence.

We are a hybrid agency ready to provide guidance, training, and operational support.

Ready to drive local marketing succes?

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