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Boost Retail & Store Foot Traffic

Up Foot Traffic™ is a local marketing model designed to increase walkins and build more traffic into your store.

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Grow store traffic & in-store engagement.

We harness the power of local online and offline.

Our end-to-end solution helps businesses draw more customers through the door. Our local marketing technology seamlessly tailors each customer journey, turning potential shoppers into in-store visits and buyers.

  • Seamlessly tailored customer journeys
  • Drive more in-store visits and sales
  • End-to-end local marketing solution.

Up Foot Traffic™ drives customers to your store.

Up Foot Traffic™ helps businesses engage with their ideal customers, earn and maintain regular customers, understand their local marketplace, and deliver a personalized omnichannel experience.

  • Personalized omnichannel experience
  • Understand local marketplace forces
  • Target new customer champions
  • Increase foot traffic and sales
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Benefit 1

In-Store Engagement

Increase in-store engagement with online and offline tactics for higher walk-ins, sales, and loyalty.

Benefit 2

Omni-channel & Multi-channel

Deliver a clear and consistent omnichannel experience for brand awareness and retention.

Benefit 3

Strong Insights for Growth

Leverage strong insights to grow your business through strategic analysis of your ideal personas, past customers, and local surroundings.

Benefit 4

More Sales & Return rate

Boost sales and return rate with our customer-centric approach that builds loyalty and brand love.

Benefit 5

Hybrid Experience

Create a hybrid shopping experience that meets your customers’ demand using a tailored channel mix.


Designed to drive store
engagement through tailored campaigns.

Harness the power of personalization to elevate your customers’ experience and drive engagement with tailored campaigns that reflect each individual’s unique journey.

Strategic Planning & Research

We delve deep into your industry, comb through relevant local information and examine all of your offerings.

Geo-targeted campaign

We create geo-focused marketing strategies that provide an engaging experience and foster continuous customer loyalty.

Technology and Tracking

Our suite of systems that seamlessly join together customer relationship management, automation, online and offline analytics.

QR Codes & NFC

To deliver an enhanced customer experience we set QR-codes and NFC signage joint with loyalty programs.

Geo-fenced campaigns

Geo-fenced advertising campaign that reach your audience through social networks, search engines, native and on display.

Weather activation campaign

Automated weather activation campaign to engage former customers on sunny days.


Brick-and-mortar businesses need foot traffic to thrive.

Brick-and-mortar  businesses need foot traffic to thrive, and this solution is designed to make sure all organizations—no matter their industry type, size or product/service offering—can capitalize on that.

  • Retail stores and premises.
  • Multi-location brands.
  • Coffee Shops & Restaurants.
  • Pharmacy and medicine stores.
  • Department stores and shops are close by.
  • Food shops and supermarkets.
Brick and mortar businesses need foot traffic to thrive

Need more info? Check out our most frequently asked questions.

How much does the Up Foot Traffic™ model cost?

We understand that no two businesses are the same. Our pricing is tailored to your unique requirements  – from budget to your goals and ROI.

Our approach includes three key stages: strategy planning; setup process, and ongoing optimization at a fixed cost each month for maximum return on investment. For more information about ensuring you get precisely what you need for success, please visit our pricing page today

How long does it take to see results?

Our intensive strategy and planning phase kicks off, and then full launch activation follows shortly after.

After 1-2 months of effort, early results will appear from your campaigns – success is guaranteed with our commitment to ongoing support that helps drive continual performance improvement over time.

What type of business can benefit from Up Foot Traffic™?

How do you measure the success of an Up Foot Traffic™ campaign?

At BigDreams, we take pride in providing our clients with thorough analytics and business intelligence for their campaigns.

Our team will partner with yours to transfer crucial data points—like performance metrics, costs, visitor information and online/offline sales results—to ensure a complete view of campaign effectiveness across the board.

We believe total transparency is paramount; you can rest assured knowing your success isn’t shrouded in mystery.

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