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Our Pricing.

We Believe in 100% Transparency, Clarity & Honesty.


We provide different pricing models depending on your needs and goals, plus we can set a custom plan.


We pride ourselves on being a 100% transparent company - we keep you in the loop every step of the way

Focused on ROI

We will always ensure that there is clear return on investment on our projects.


Our Primary Pricing Model:


Performance-Based Retainer

Pre-set monthly fee under a contract which continues under the condition that our target performance is achieved.

How does it work?

Our team will extensively analyse your objectives and develop a plan to hit the financial target and/ or delivery milestones. We agree on the progress and goals together, and the contract continues as long as they are achieved.

How much is this monthly cost?

The monthly costs start at €1500.00 – however, we offer discounts based on your individual needs and the prearranged forecast to set a monthly price based on our hourly rate.


Alternative Pricing Models:

Hourly Pricing: €125.00/hour

This method is usually used for short-term relations which do not consist in a project or are difficult to scope.
Ideal for consulting and support to one-time projects and training

Project Based Contract

Our method of choice for projects with clearly defined, achievable goals is especially efficient when it comes to allocating resources.
Ideal for new website setups, awareness projects or to setup a strategy.
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Forecast & ROI-focused Pricing.

We create a detailed forecast and return on the project so that your goals can be fully realised – no surprises along the way. All research is thoroughly conducted to guarantee nothing but optimised results.

  • Detailed forecast of project ROI
  • Comprehensive research for optimized results
  • No surprises along the way
  • Fully realized business goals

Discounted retainers.

Our pricing model offers discounted retainers for clients who agree upon a set number of support hours, providing convenience and cost-saving benefits.

  • Base per hour pricing rate: 120€
  • You buy 20 hours at once: you pay 110€
  • You buy 50 hours or more at once: you pay 100€
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Frequently asked questions.

How can I follow-up on my project or collaboration?

To ensure optimal project delivery and budget management, your dedicated account manager will assign each project or collaboration to provide personalised attention. They’ll keep you up-to-date on the progress and any related questions or requirements.

How do you manage third-party payments such as Google or Facebook ads?

We usually invoice you directly for our manpower or any work issued by our team. However, we usually set up your account using your payment details for Google and social media campaigns and request admin access to manage it. It is easier for you to track and follow, and it eases the invoicing process.

Do you provide post-project support?

Our team is dedicated to each project’s success, taking responsibility for any potential difficulties that could arise. Hypercare periods are determined according to the scale and intricacies of every effort undertaken – ensuring tailored support in a timely manner.

How does your monthly retainer work?

Retainers are a great way for businesses to save money and streamline administrative tasks. By purchasing hours in advance, you can receive up to 20% discounts on services – allowing your company to make the most of its budget! Additionally, you won’t need cumbersome paperwork: pay upfront for maximum savings.

Do you provide closed contracts?

We strive to create a comfortable pricing offer for our clients, which is why we don’t include any hidden costs within the monthly retainer. Our contracts are structured so that results and milestones have clear expectations – allowing us to partner together on mutual success. We’re committed to transparency from start-to-finish; you’ll never be stuck paying for services or solutions that aren’t in your best interest.

How do you measure our Return on Investment ?

To ensure our successful collaboration, we create customized Business Intelligence systems and reports to track performance across all channels. These tools allow us to measure return on investment throughout the process, giving you essential insights into your business’s growth potential.

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