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Analytics & BI Services.

Analytics and BI answer real questions with real data and intelligence.

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Empowering Your Local Business with Data-Driven Analytics and BI Integration

Our analytics and BI integration solutions provide local businesses with powerful insights to help build the most effective strategies possible. By analyzing data, we determine which strategies are working and which aren’t, allowing us to refine and improve your marketing, operations and business performance.

  • Optimize your local presence with targeted insights
  • Clear insights on spending, budget & ROI
  • Gain insights into your performance
  • Understand your business drivers
  • Informed decision-making

Building powerful reports for great insights.

What They’re Saying

Using a data visualisation platform enabled our company to monitor important organisational data - We now have a clear picture of our business performance.

Magalie M.Owner Smart Cafés

23% is the average revenue growth of a small business that relies on data.


Unlock the insights within your data.

Our comprehensive solutions include everything from integrations, training, and set up to consulting and ongoing support. Tap into a wealth of knowledge and gain invaluable understanding to help boost performance, improve decision-making and drive growth.

  • Comprehensive solutions for your business.
  • Get the most out of your data insights.
  • Benefit from integrations and ongoing support.
  • Improve decision-making and boost performance.
  • Drive growth with invaluable understanding.
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Predictive Forecasting

Analytics and BI help businesses better to forecast scalability, risks, profitability, and development.

Real-time Decisions

Analytics and BI offer a more holistic vision of your business. It enables clients to be better prepared for business decisions. No more analysis paralysis!

Measuring ROI

Businesses that leverage customer insights to improve customer satisfaction are highly competitive, regardless of the type of industry.

Be in the know with our powerful
insights & data analysis.

Enhance the valuable data required for state-of-the-art operational performance.

Tailored Setup

Personalized setup for local or multi-location businesses

Dashboards & Reports

Power BI and Google Data Studio reports for insights

Conversion & Events Tracking

Conversion tracking for calls, forms, bookings, purchases

Multi-channel Tracking

Event tracking across all online and offline channels

Technology Integrations

Software integration for CRM, bookings, purchases, and more

Ongoing Support

Ongoing support for Google Analytics optimization.

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Boost Your Local Business with Data-Driven Analytics.

We provide comprehensive analytics solutions to help you determine which strategies are working and which aren’t.

  • Set up and configure analytics platforms
  • Connect website and marketing campaigns for tracking
  • Track website conversions and user behaviour
  • Debug and troubleshoot analytics issues
  • Provide regular reports and analysis

Platforms we use:

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Drive Business Growth with Comprehensive BI Solutions.

Our comprehensive BI solutions turn raw data into valuable intelligence to help identify trends, propose solutions, and drive growth.

  • Set up and configure BI platforms
  • Connect various data sources
  • Develop custom dashboards and reports
  • Analyze data to identify trends
  • Provide regular reports and analysis

Platforms we use:

Power BI Logos

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Data Analytics & Insights for Local Growth

Our BI & Analytics Services allow local businesses to erode marketing inefficiencies and unlock new growth opportunities. Our cutting-edge analytics setup allows you to maximize campaign performance while fostering meaningful conversations with your regional audience.

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Questions & Answers

What type of business can benefit from BI?

Business intelligence, or BI, plays a crucial role in organisations’ strategic planning. It has multiple purposes. It is used for measuring performance progress toward business goals. Also great for quantitative analysis, reporting, data sharing, and identifying customer insight.

Business Intelligence is more than just software. It’s a holistic initiative to visualise data in day-to-day operations. The seven benefits of BI listed below translate into real-world successes. They showcase BI in action.

How much does a BI & Analytics setup cost?

There is no fixed price for setting up analytics and business intelligence tools.  You must consider which platform to use. Google Analytics and Power BI have free versions. Tableau and other devices have a cost.

Depending on what you need to analyse, the price will vary. Contact us today and share your requirements. We will provide a transparent cost brief. You may also visit our pricing page to understand how we set our prices.

Is Google Analytics good for small businesses?

Small businesses can access tools and resources to help them run and grow. 

Web analytics tools can track site traffic and provide insights into user behaviour.  Among the best is Google Analytics. GA allows website owners to assess content performance, marketing, products, and more.


Growth-Powered Services for Businesses with a Local Presence.

We are a hybrid agency ready to provide guidance, training, and operational support.

Ready to drive local marketing succes?

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