Restaurant Parsley is broadening its culinary influence to new heights with strategic local marketing

Parsley Eatery has transformed itself into a Parisian powerhouse with its tantalizing recipes and dedication to quality. From humble beginnings, the restaurant's capacity has surged by 70% in just eight months - testament of their passionate culinary team’s commitment pastry perfection!

Quick overview

Fast Facts

Food Delivery
Paris, France
SMB Local Business
SEO / Local SEO
Social Media Marketing
Delivery Operations
Company overview


Parsley Paris brings the culinary magic of the East to your door with their fresh delivery service. Founded in 2020, they offer an exciting variety of Street food flavours from across Near Eastern countries, like Falafels, Halloumi and secret spiced chicken sauces- helping you experience a taste sensation direct to your home!

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BigDreams has provided a significant impetus to our accomplishments throughout both Google Maps and Instagram. By using their expert advice, we have completely changed the way that we manage operations while also concentrating resources on areas with obvious success rates.

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What was the problem?

The Challenge

Parsley Paris had a mission to grow their business and increase delivery reach without sacrificing product quality.

To further cement its presence in Paris, the team needed help with marketing efforts; Big Dreams was brought on board as they embarked upon this journey – aiming for maximum capacity while increasing brand awareness through strategic communication.

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Challenge 1

Delivery Operations

Parsley sought assistance to launch a phased delivery campaign, ensuring the gradual introduction of orders so as not to overwhelm demand.

Challenge 2

Brand Awareness

Parsley was looking to stand out in a competitive restaurant market in Paris. They wanted to showcase their distinct offerings and create brand recognition with the public.

Challenge 3

Scalable Growth

Parsley were looking for a way to increase their audience reach and restaurant bookings without sacrificing the quality of services they provided.

What did we do

The Approach

Our team launched an innovative Local Marketing Model to maximize brand awareness. This approach centred on Instagram and a range of localized techniques.

Using an omnichannel approach, we crafted a seamless customer experience across every interaction. We implemented our local marketing model in multiple Parisian districts and achieved resounding success everywhere.

By strategically targeting local audiences, we were able to effectively measure demand and gain insights into the success of our campaign. We also increased customer satisfaction by getting feedback on their experience by requesting Google reviews and offering referral incentives – leading to a strong word-of-mouth presence in each area!

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How we helped

The Solution

Brand Awareness

Parsley Paris needed to increase their brand presence to serve their clients better. Leveraging the capabilities of Facebook and Instagram, we were able to deliver powerful visuals into precise locations across Paris – providing a cost-effective solution for Parsley’s marketing strategy that surpassed traditional advertising on Google.


Local Marketing

Together with Parsley, we established an effective local marketing model and then took it further – scaling the strategies to maximize efficacy across each district in Paris. Our solutions were adapted for all locations to boost brand visibility and ensure steady delivery demand while preserving consistent results.


Brand Communication.

We crafted a practical and comprehensive communication strategy for Parsley’s diners. This consisted of email marketing, SMS messaging, and a rewards program – all driven by data insights to understand their target market better…thus driving customer retention.


The Results

The Results

The result of our collaboration with Parsley Paris is that they generated an 30% increase in their ROI.

Increased orders

They have seen an 60% increase in their orders and have begun to rely on organic social media shares to propel their brand forward.

Local organic growth

Their organic traffic has increased by 150%, and the fully unified brand is excelling in its reach. Now, this team of culinary experts can be found across Paris, selling delicious food to satisfied clients – with a little thanks to BigDreams’ Local Marketing solutions.

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Results in Numbers


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